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Technology-Driven Website Development Company For The Digital Age.

Responsive Website Design

We have a combo of strategic approach and human touch to website development to make your business shine. A website is the first place your potential customers will visit when they hear about you. Hence, it should be the place that cracks the deal! Make your website come alive with us and show them the finest website reimagined to attract them.

The Classic Partnership offers cutting-edge and professional web development services with the best website-building strategies. Leverage the power of the goldmine (internet) and establish a fabulous online presence with an attractive, premium-performing website.

Our professional web development services focus on offering robust tactics to make a website that works for you. Our experts ensure timely delivery every single time.

Digital Branding

It’s a technology-driven world, and everyone focuses on swift and smooth processes – even in terms of websites. What if we told you that you could get blazing fast and easy-to-use websites? Well, the future is here! Our futuristic approach makes it easier for people to use your mobile, tablet, and PC websites.

Our web development techniques ensure an excellent user experience with modern design and high responsiveness. On top of that, responsiveness is very crucial. If your website doesn’t open up rapidly, it will annoy the users, resulting in a decrease in potential customers. You don’t want that! Take part in the worldly race of excellent websites and lead as the fastest growing one in terms of customer engagement and visits.

Work We Love to Do

Website Design

Our Canada-based web design team has the expertise to deliver conversion-focused, responsive websites. We custom design, create a solution that fits your business needs, and then integrate it with a Custom HTML, CSS, Java script, allowing you full control. Our aim is to position your brand and build your website's online presence to its full potential. And, our core focus is ensuring we provide high-quality website design at affordable prices.

Mobile Design

The design of your mobile app is something that is very crucial to hit the right target. Anything that is catchy and user-friendly would engage the audience and that is where we come to your rescue. We come up with innovative, modern and trendy designs that make your app look attractive as well as engaging. It is not just a one-sided work. We would sit with you and discuss on the many design options while you make a choice on those.

UI/UX Design

User experience-driven web design is about designing for your customers, mapping your website to key tasks and understanding your audience’s motivation. Before we begin any web or design project, we consider many factors; who is your customer, what are their expectations, what are their fears and desires, how do we speak to them, what questions are they seeking to answer?

Logo Design

Custom Logo Design for new or established businesses by our graphic design team At The Clssic Partnership, we understand that your brand lives in the heart and mind of your customers. Our graphic designers are specialised in adopting the latest branding strategies to craft high-end creative visuals that breathe life into your brand and create recognisable and memorable moments for your customers.

Banner Ad Design

Banner ads come in all shapes and sizes and no two projects are ever the same. With over a decades worth of experience, Code and Visual specialise in bringing your creative briefs to life efficiently and with fixed rate pricing – allowing you to deliver dynamic and eye-grabbing campaigns for your brand, on time and with the least fuss!

Email Design

The Classic Partnership focuses heavily on data, which allows us to guide our clients in various phases of their email marketing plan. We will take on every part of the process from email strategy to content, to execution. Our main goal with email marketing is to ensure that brands are delivering the right message to the right customers at the right time. Which ensures that clients have the necessary information at the right time.