Is Fractional Marketing The New Norm?

In the digital age, it’s more important than ever that a business builds a growing presence in the online space. Marketing campaigns are a make-or-break factor in the success of any business, especially in the highly competitive digital realm. It takes a lot of skill, strategy, and content to create a marketing campaign that will stand out amongst your competitors. In addition to these crucial elements, you also need a team of analytics experts and a strong leader to keep your marketing team running efficiently. But for a small business or a start-up how do you get the resources to manage this crucial function? To add to the complexity in an attention starved economy where everyone is fighting for eyeballs how do you stretch every dollar of investment? The answer may perhaps be in – Fractional marketing.


While a full-time marketing person or a marketing team can be a great asset to any company, but it can also be quite expensive. That’s where fractional marketing comes in – it allows you to hire an expert on an as-needed basis, so you still get the experienced services without having to bear the full brunt of the cost.

A relatively new concept in modern marketing Fractional marketing is getting a veteran marketing leader. without hiring them full-time. You can have them working only a few hours per week on your projects and benefit from world-class marketing strategies and campaigns, but only for a fraction of the cost. Sounds too good to be true – right?


But is it worth the investment for your industry? Why should you hire a fractional marketer? When does hiring a Fractional Marketer make a lot of business sense?

1. When you need to professionally setup a strategic marketing program to meet your complex business needs.

Hiring a Full-time CMO or marketing leader is not feasible when you have other business expenses to fulfil. Team member who are willing to take on the challenge but have little knowledge of how digital marketing works can prove to be an expensive solution because you could end up losing valuable time and money in reinventing the wheel. In today’s competitive environment, you simply can’t afford to leave your business’ digital marketing strategy to chance.


To get the best business advantage, you need digital marketing experts who know how to reach, track, and influence consumers. Marketing professionals who come with knowledge that is gained from experience and can help set up a program that sets your team up for success. With years in the trenches and a broad set of skills these digital marketing pros can help your company by leading digital strategies that drive results and back up those efforts with detailed ROI reports for meaningful measurement.

2. When you need subject-matter expertise but want to avoid hiring multiple niche marketing experts

Marketing has specialities email marketing, social media management, paid media management, sponsorship and so much more. Not all companies are in the position to hire a full-time marketing executive to support each function, and that’s where fractional digital marketing services come in to play. For a fraction of the cost, you can have access to an expert-level strategy, tactics, campaign deployment, and management – along with the evaluation of ROI.


There are often tasks in the marketing process that are too small to justify creating a new position for them. Sometimes businesses also don’t have the budget to fill in those gaps. In situations like that, team members end up filling up the gaps themselves. Copywriters become graphic designers on the side. Web designers become ad managers.


But too much “wearing multiple hats” can spread your team too thin. Or worse, it can burn out your team members and cause them to hate their job. That’s where fractional marketing comes in. You can get the services you need only when you need them, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

You can think of fractional marketing services as an extension of your team, filling the gaps. They research your unique business challenges, competitive environment and integrate best practices. By the time you’re ready to hire a full-time digital marketing professional, you won’t have missed a beat.

3.  When you have budgetary challenges and hiring freezes but need experienced resources to achieve business goals

Many companies are worried about adding head count. When there is uncertainty in the air and fears of recession it makes sense to avoid growing the team. Fractional marketing comes in handy in these situations because it comes with less baggage, minimal contracts and no long-term commitments. It’s easier to manage and end compared to a full-time internal resource. And that’s not all with experience also comes sound strategies. Experienced fractional marketers already have foresight on how the market will behave or what can go wrong with your campaigns. this allows them to come up with the smarter decisions and contingencies when things don’t go as planned.


Do you wish you had more time to manage your social media marketing? Do you want to see an increase in leads and sales from your digital marketing efforts without having to spend more time on it? Do you need an expert to bounce of an idea or carve a path for your team to forge ahead?  We’ve got you covered. If you want to learn more about fractional marketing and how we can help you, send us a quick note to and we can catch up over some delicious coffee